Alexander Technique


with Jane Coker

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

Jane Coker is a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher holding a Diploma in Alexander Technique and is a full member of the Australian Society for Teachers of Alexander Technique (AUSTAT). She specialises in voice, singing and breathing.

The technique:
Alexander Technique is awareness of how we do what we do. It’s a skill which, when learned, enables people to move their bodies with greater ease and in ways that do not aggravate existing problems or cause further injury. Through the process of learning to release tension in the neck, back and limbs, and to become grounded, everyday movements such as sitting at a computer, lifting children, driving, reaching, bending, singing, playing instruments etc become achievable where previously they were hard to achieve or caused pain. People of all levels of fitness and health can benefit from the technique. Most people need a series of Alexander Technique lessons with a teacher to start acquiring the skill.

Location: (Victoria, Australia): Dumbalk, 3956, South Gippsland

Contact details:

Phone: +61 3 5116 9434

Mobile 0400 053266

Websites: and

Lessons are 45mins to an hour duration. Cost is $60
Cancellation Policy:
24 hours notice is required for postponement or cancellation of a lesson without incurring a fee. Exceptions will be made, in case of illness, at Jane’s discretion. I would prefer that you cancel a lesson if you have an infectious illness.